Our Programs

Tapiola Nature is inspired by the fields, forests, and streams.

We believe in co-creating a Nature Culture through experiences that support the individual, family and community.  

Children and families are at the heart of our programming.

Our passionate facilitators follow seasonal rhythms strongly based on Waldorf pedagogy. They are creative and conscientious of the ever changing needs of children at their varied developmental stages.  

It is the creativity of each facilitator that feeds the life forces and spirit of each child.

Parents sense an enthusiasm in our faculty that builds for the child a love for learning, the adults in their lives and being with Nature.

​Our programs are based on the curative value of supporting the head, heart and hands.

Our varied programs move between practical life skills and play for the hands; the arts for the heart and social/emotional skills; and academics for the head and cultural development.

Waldorf inspired education meets the child as an individual, allowing the unfolding of each child’s unique human spirit.

As we explore and play together we keep the following principles in mind:

Time: Learning is a process that happens when the group is together regularly; when the cycles of child development are noted and community is built.

Nature-based: Our programming happens in nature! Children develop a sense of place and build a lifelong relationship to nature.

Play: We encourage a child led approach, full of choice, fun, play, and holistic development.

Risk: Supported risks are taken, appropriate to self and environment

Faculty: Our leaders have a passion for the outdoors and working with children!

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. ”

Rudolf Steiner

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Nature Kindergarten

Homeschool Forest Program

Nature Kindergarten

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Summer Camps

Children amongst the trees